Say hello to your GateWay Youth Ministries staff!

Meet the team!

Our vision is to guide students into a close and authentic relationship with God, as well as build a close church family within the Youth Group. Additionally, we hope to mentor students so they can learn how to use their gifts and step out as leaders.

We also offer small groups led by our staff and volunteers, with the vision of opening dialogue about God, the world and every day struggles that may not normally be discussed in an every day environment.

Maddy Budz - Junior High Intern

Maddy joined GateWay in the Summer of 2018. She is currently engaged to her fiance Sabin, who also volunteers with the High School ministries.

Maddy directs Worship Arts for the High School and works with the JHM as an intern.

Colton Hafley - Junior High Intern

Colton joined GateWay in the Summer of 2018.

Colton serves at GateWay as an audio technician for the main services, and works with the JHM as an intern.

Sonni Hacobian - High School Intern

Sonni joined GateWay in the Summer of 2018.

Sonni serves in administration for our students, as well as working with the HSM as an intern and leading a women's small group.

Samuel Nicholson - High School Intern

Sam joined GateWay in September 2019 after moving from Calgary, Alberta in Canada to marry his wife Danielle.

Sam serves as an intern for the HSM and assists with the student worship team. He also runs a men's small group.